Life and Death in L.A.: April 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Austrian blaggard impersonates Ronald Reagan -- No, it's not Arnold.

"The Robber" promises to be a cool and slightly off-beat crime thriller with a psychological edge. Directed by Benjamin Heisenberg ("Sleeper") and starring Andreas Lust ("Revanche"), it opens in New York City on April 29 and will expand to other U.S. and Canadian cities thereafter.
The film's main character, Johann Rettenberger, was inspired by the life of Austrian bank-robber and runner Johann Kastenberger, who set long-distance race records while secretly robbing banks on the side. Widely referred to as "Pump-gun Ronnie," after the Ronald Reagan mask he wore and the shotgun used on the assaults, Rettenberger still holds the record time in the Bergmarathon, a famous race held in the Austrian Alps.
Rotten Tomatoes lists the film's genre as a "Sports & Fitness Drama." Wonder if bank robbery in a rubber mask is "sports" or "fitness"?

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