Life and Death in L.A.: December 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An L.A. billboard for Citibank: ''Almost as many ATM terminals as there are unsold screenplays.'' Ouch!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I don't have her ...

I called the producer and got her assistant. The producer has had one of my scripts for a number of weeks, and I was calling in hopes of coaxing some sort of reaction out of her. Not necessarily a green light, or an, "it stinks," because no one in Hollywood is ever that direct if they don't like something. I was looking for just some sort of acknowledgment that she read the thing.
The assistant, who was rolling her calls, greeted me with the sound of instant recognition and asked how I was--I've never met him, mind you. And I wondered if it's his job to sound familiar with everyone who's ever had a meeting there.
I asked if his boss was available, and his answer typified the sort of hazy, impossible to nail down kind of talk that goes on in Hollywood.
"I don't have her right now," he said.
He wasn't saying that she's not in. He wasn't saying she is in. He just didn't have her right now.
Then he assured me that I was on the call-back list.
So, the wait goes on. And I, too, don't have her right now.