Thursday, February 27, 2014

Johnny Depp to Play Whitey Bulger After All

Whitey as the godfather.
You've heard it all here before. So, Johnny Depp is going to take another shot at playing a famous gangster.

The money was finally right, according to Deadline Hollywood

How do you think this one will stack up next to "The Departed," the other Whitey picture that was made before he was captured?

Paramount signed on to partly finance the deal and the shooting begins in Boston in eight weeks. Does anyone know of any Boston locations that are being lined up for themovie? I'm guessing the courthouse on the waterfront where the actual trial took place would be a prime location for exterior shots.

Scott Cooper is set to direct and Joel Edgerton plays disgraced FBI agent, John Connolly.

It's all based on a very good book titled "Black Mass" by Dick Lehr and Gerald O’Neill. 

The Whitey Bulger story is solid stuff -- it even has a third act now that Whitey's behind bars. 

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