Monday, May 4, 2009

Diversify or die ...

Everyone's figuring out ways thrive in this bad economy and filmmaker as no different. Among the panelists speaking at this year's Redstone West Film Festival, the bi-coastal yearly Boston University student event, were actor, director and producer Jerry Levine ("Everybody Hates Chris," "Monk," It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"). "Diversify within a field that you know something about," he said. "Crossing the line dilutes the skill of that creative (endeavor)" He recalled that when directing an episode of "Monk," series star Tony Shalhoub suggested that Levine play one of the small roles in that episode. He declined because he believes you should not cross the line into another creative discipline.
Makes sense, but then again that would have been bad advice for Orson Welles, who starred in, co-wrote, directed and produced "Citizen Kane." Of course, the world has few like Orson Welles.

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